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Cheapest Rate of Auto Insurance is not always the best option. Although something looks good and sounds less expensive, it does not mean it is the best option. Take auto insurance for example. While the minimum limits may provide the cheapest rate in the short term, they don't provide ample protection for what you value most. READ MORE >>

        Please Be Aware  From Jeff Atwater Chief Financial Officer State of Florida Deep in the Heart of Taxes Dear Friends, Can you hear me now? In the time it takes for you to answer that question, you could have already fallen victim to a scam. READ MORE >>

Identity theft is on the rise. Be sure you are protected.   Did you know that everyday there are 28,000 victims of identity theft in the US? Yes, the unfortunate reality is that every 3 seconds, someone is the victim of some sort of identity related crime.  READ MORE >>

With Landlord Insurance, your rental income is safe in the event your property is left uninhabitable due to damages. Do you own an apartment building? Click here for a quick quote to see where we can save you money. Click here to watch video or on the image below Did this video help you? READ MORE >>

Protecting Your Home from Water Heater Damage ear Denise,   This article from  Safepoint Insurance  has the best description on what is involved in being sure that your home hot water heater is not going to suddenly cause you a huge water loss claim due to a sudden failure. READ MORE >>

Recently Safeco Insurance blogged an article about things to do before leaving home when you are traveling.  Here are a few favorite tips to help you plan before you travel.  1. Create a list of things to check just before leaving your home.  Have you turned down the water heater? READ MORE >>

Home Inventory List Take a couple minutes to look at this important video about creating a home inventory list.  Everyone should have one in case of an emergency. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our professional associates, please call us at one of our locations . READ MORE >>

Your health is important to us. Did you know your health is effected by living in the beautiful sunshine state of Florida? We are all effected by the hotter weather and full time sunshine. For example, we have more need to hydrate and use sunscreen than most people who live in other states. READ MORE >>

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